The buildings, which today houses Bed & Breakfast Denmark, has a long history behind. It has been coaching since the mid-1700s, where Aller Inn has been an important meeting place for all the then Tyrstrup Herred. The inn’s location on the main road between Haderslev and Kolding with the former courthouse located directly opposite has been been very important to the inn. Another important factor has been the great horse drifter who spring and autumn passed the inn on the road to Germany. inn-1900.
Aller Inn was at that time the parish largest with adjoining land of 139 acres. The owner was Mayor Morten Pedersen, who also drives Aller Mill. In 1836, the inn was bought by things signer in Haderslev Hans Peter Petersen, who sold a large part of the lands that were parceled out to two new farms.

The photo: Aller Inn turn of the century.

In the mid 1800s the inn lost some of its status as a meeting place. Tingstedet was moved to Haderslev and the new highway was built, so that it went through Christiansfeld, and steers the deal was beginning to ebb away. In 1879 the inn burned caused by lightning, but at the request of the locals, the inn was rebuilt little sydligere.I during the 1950s ceased krodriften. Until they completely renovated buildings were to Bed & Breakfast SydDanmark.